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Ruth’s troublesome scalp

"I have struggled with a dry, flaky and itchy scalp for almost 4 years. Living in hot and humid Singapore and Hong Kong, I attributed it to the climate. I saw various doctors and was prescribed different shampoos, none of which had any success. On the contrary, things were getting worse, particularly when under periods of stress and my husband would regularly tell me to "stop clawing at my head". I was becoming increasingly self conscious about flakes on my clothes.


I will admit, after 4 years of struggling with this, I was sceptical about there being any products that would improve the condition of my scalp. At the same time, I reckoned I had nothing to lose by giving Q for Skin's products a shot.  I was also impressed by the company's commitment to sustainability - I firmly believe the products we use should not have a detrimental effect on the environment. To treat my scalp, I was advised to massage Blackcurrant oil into the affected areas on a nightly basis. In the morning I should brush my scalp and then wash my hair with Quick Relief Shampoo followed by Q Conditoner. In addition I was told to take 3 blackcurrant seed oil capsules a day.


Within a few days my scalp felt less itchy and after 10 days the previously affected areas were completely clear. I was (and still am) completely amazed at the improvement in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Q for Skin's products to anyone with skin problems."


qforskin_troublesome scalp

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