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My hyperpigmentation is almost gone and the result is long-lasting

"I don’t use make-up every day, but when I got a lot of hyperpigmentation on my face, it wasn’t fun at all. My face looked dirty. I wanted to use skin treatments with acids because I didn’t want to cover my face with make-up every day. However, when I came into contact with Ellinor at Q for Skin she proposed that I should try their new lingonberry cream, which was under development, and also take their capsules to support the skin from the inside.


I'm a person who doesn’t use a lot of skin care products, - soap and water have been my thing. I often forgot to take the capsules, but I tried to remember to take two capsules a day. However, I was strict with applying the cream on my face both in the morning and evening.


I started in August and saw no change in the beginning. However, even though I spent 2 months (Nov-Jan) in the sun, I could really see a difference. I have a little left, but nothing that I feel I need to cover. This concept really suits me as I'm not a person who uses a lot of different creams. I want to keep it as simple as possible, but still achieve great results. "


Before and after 6 months

Before and after 6 months – (pictures provided by client)
Mikaela, 35 years old 


Mikaela's choice of capsules was 2 Sea buckthorn capsules a day because of its anti-stress effects on the skin.

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