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Products with multiple uses
We believe in simplicity

As a skin care manufacturer, we think it is very important to create a more sustainable consumption pattern. This is why we have developed multifunctional products, i.e. products that can be used for several different purposes. For example, our oils can be used for dry scalp, hands, feet, under face cream, intimate care, arms and legs. Our face creams are specially designed to be used as both face and eye cream, day and night cream. This is possible because our chemists use the latest biotechnology and because we choose to be at the forefront in the choice of ingredients.

Amazing – you can use the same oil for dry scalp and intimate areas!


"I was so happy when the clerk asked if I was dry somewhere other than just my scalp. Now I've also received help with my dry mucous membranes in the vagina with one and the same oil."



"It's incredible to have an unscented cream that works for the face, dry hands and dry body. The whole family loves it!"


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