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Dry, sensitive skin
Do you have problems with dry, sensitive skin?

It is common that men and women of all ages, from newborn babies to children, adolescents to adults have problems with itchy, dry and irritated skin. This may be due to several different factors such as the inherent sensitivity of the skin, weather changes, stress, lack of essential fatty acids, harsh chemicals, perfumes and preservatives, and how often you shower/bath.

How come Q for Skin can make a visual difference to so many customers?

We develop high quality products for dry, sensitive skin. During the development of the products, people who have had long-term problems with dry, sensitive skin have played an important role. Therefore, we now carry a special product line within our range that is dedicated to sensitive skin that is especially developed to enhance and protect the skin barrier and to achieve a normalized and vitalized skin.

Nourish the skin from the inside

For dry skin we recommend nutritional supplements from blackcurrant seed oil. The blackcurrant capsules contain a high nutritional content of SDA (Omega 3) and GLA (Omega 6) as well as antioxidants that are important for optimal skin quality. The oil is safe to use for all ages.

Q for Skin® is not a medical treatment. Our product range is intended to nourish the body inside and out.

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