Q for Skin
Research and development

Q for Skin is an advanced and innovative skin and hair care product line. Underpinning all our products is scientific research highlighting the positive effects Nordic berry seed oils have on skin and health.


Clinical studies that show measurable results are of the utmost importance to us as they ensure the high quality of our products. To be able to carry out continuous studies, we have invested in a number of different scientific measuring instruments. We have published studies on dry skin, scalp problems and anti-aging. About 20 newspaper articles have also been written in which customers discuss their amazing results.

Below are some of the studies that we have conducted during the past years:


• Effect of blackcurrant seed oil on atopic eczema
(Published in Personal Care, 2015)

• The effect of Nordic seed oil on a dry, irritated scalp
(Published in Personal Care, 2016)

• Meeting the skin's needs the Nordic way
(Published in Personal Care, 2018)

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