Q for Skin
Meeting the skin's nutritional needs the Nordic way

Q for Skin is an advanced an innovative line of skin and hair care products from Sweden. All of our products are underpinned by scientific research which highlights the positive health and skin benefits that Nordic berry seed oils can provide. Q for Skin’s philosophy is to only use ingredients that are safe for people, animals and the environment, which help us bring a visible difference to our customers.

We develop skin and hair care products that are based on research from Åbo University in Finland. For us, it is important to develop products that effectively protect the skin from internal and external influences while at the same time seeking to contribute to sustainable development.


We have chosen Nordic berry seed oils from blackcurrant, sea buckthorn and lingonberry that have developed special properties to be able to survive in an extreme climate. The oils’ rich contents of essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants address the skin’s special needs. Our experience is that nourishment from the outside and out can make a significant difference for imbalanced skin, scalp and mucous membranes.


We are specialists on dry skin, dry mucous membranes and scalp discomfort. We conduct clinical studies in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the products.


We have developed a sensitive range of mild and safe products to address the needs of the entire family. We have also developed a concept for blemished/impure skin, an age-less concept for glowing skin (which also counteracts hyperpigmentation and the development of wrinkles), discomfort in intimate areas and a concept for scalp discomfort.


Q for Skin® is not a medical treatment but a rich nutritional supplement, from the outside and out.

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