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Here we've gathered frequently asked questions we get from our customers. If you don't find the answer you're seeking, you're welcome to contact us at info@qforskin.se or 08-754 37 00.



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  • Scalp disorders
    • I have had trouble for many years in my scalp. I'm so tired of the clothes and always getting dark clothes "scratched" by white dandelions. Read about others who have been helped. What do you recommend me to do?

      – In your scalp, there should be a natural fatty acid protector that will protect your scalp. When we wash ourselves with conventional hair care, this fatty acid jacket is also washed away as these shampoos contain laundry surfactants that are dehydrating. Unfortunately, often the result is that the scalp becomes clogged due to dryness, but also because the microflora may have been rubbed. This can then be the basis for, for example, coatings, dandruff and dryness flags. What is worth mentioning is that the skin is prioritized in a stressed body and therefore only gets building blocks if it becomes "something over". Our experience is that when adding black blackberry oil inside and outside, building blocks are added to the body so that it can prioritize your skin.


      We recommend that you do a self-assessment analysis and then get free advice from us.

    • I have problems with the scalp coating, is it enough for me to use only a shampoo?

      – To remove coatings and dryness problems, besides Quick Relief Shampoo, you need to massage any of our oils containing blackberry seed oil to provide substantial nutrition to the scalp and to solve any coatings. This is suggested in the evening before going to bed. In the morning, we recommend brushing the scalp with a natural brush for easier removal of coatings before shampooing with Quick Relief Shampoo. How long and how often you should do this depends on how extensive your problems are.

    • How long do I have to cure?

      – It is individual how long and often you have to hold on. If you have had trouble for many years, it takes longer to balance the skin again. Initially, we recommend that you be "good" for 2 weeks.

    • Can you do something about hair loss?

      – Stress and lack of fatty acids can lead to hair loss. Supplements of fatty acids from within, as well as brushing the scalp every morning and evening with a natural brush helps to stimulate a good circulation in the scalp. The sea creatures contain Omega 3-6-7-9 and lots of carotenoids (fat-soluble antioxidants) and natural vitamins, which are very important and help protect our bodies from stress.

    • Feeling that my scalp has become so fat since I started with the products, why then?

      – Do not spray the oil into the scalp, but spray some oil into the palm of your hand and then "drip" your fingertips into the oil and then massaging the scalp. Do this in the evening before going to bed. In the morning, brush the scalp and hair with the natural brush to remove any coatings and dryness flakes. After the hair brush massage, wash your hair with Quick Relief Shampoo and, if necessary, use Q Conditioner in the peaks.

    • Shampoo does not lather as much as my usual shampoo does, why then?

      We have chosen not to use SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) without SCS (Sodium Coco Sulfate), a derivative of coconut oil. This sulphate (laundry surfactant) is much milder for the skin as well as a much more environmentally friendly alternative. The shampoo is clean and solder, but it does not get as much lather as with a traditional shampoo.

    • My hair feels greasier with your shampoo. Why?

      – If you're used to traditional shampoos, it can take some washings before the hair gets used to the mild surfactants.

    • Do you need to eat the capsules too?

      – We have seen great differences in the results of our studies if, in addition to using skin and hair care products, we also take the capsules. If you need capsules or not, it depends on how long and how much trouble you have.

  • Stressed skin

    When selecting products depends on several factors such as diet, life situation and sensitivity sensation, we recommend booking advice and completing a self assessment assessment on our website.

  • Dry, sensitive skin
    • I have extremely sensitive and dry skin, can I use Q for Skin?

      – Q for Skin has developed products that are specially adapted to be used if you have or have had extremely dry and sensitive skin - something that unfortunately is becoming more common. Our sensitive series contains neither fragrances, citric acid nor strong preservatives that are irritating to the skin. How to experience the products may vary and therefore we recommend that you try a small area first to see how the skin reacts before lubricating the entire body. Sometimes it's cream and sometimes it's oil that feels most comfortable to lubricate.

  • Children and baby
  • Selecting capsules
    • What is the difference in effect if I also take capsules?

      – We have seen great differences in the results of our studies if, in addition to using skin and hair care products, we also take the capsules. If you need to eat the capsules, it depends on how long and how much trouble you have with your skin. We assume that there are often nutritional deficiencies / omissions about Omega 3 / Omega 6 that underlie the inconvenience.

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